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The History of Our Products


    The History of using Nature's herbs reaches as far back as prehistoric times. The most important uses of herbs were medicinal. Man had no labs, no computers, no training; he had only what he observed in nature and learned through raw experimentation. Simply put, thousands of years trying various methods and applications of herbal concoctions, as well as sorcery, magic, prayer, and music for use on injuries and disease, has led us to today's understanding of how Nature's products aid in the prevention and cure of many diseases as well as maintenance of good health. Ultimately, plant remedies surfaced and survived as the most universal form of therapeutic treatment...and still are.

    The Viavi Company recognized the importance of herbal medicine over 100 years ago, and used herbs as the basis for their product line. That product like still exists and holds up against today's medicine and technology. 


In The Beginning....

    Founded in 1893 in San Francisco by Harland and Herbert Law, The Viavi Company was originally established to provide health care products specific to Women's health. The name Viavi (vee-ah-vee) is a phrase from Latin meaning "The Way to Health".

    As the Company grew, it organized by geographic areas and established distributors for each territory. By the turn of the century (1900), Viavi had manufacturing plants in San Francisco and Canada. Sales offices existed in San Francisco, Canada and abroad. Old records show a partial listing of 108 offices in the U.S. and 33 in foreign countries.

    Viavi offered a wide range of Women's products that were designed to treat such ailments as skin disease, wounds, ulcers, infections of the vagina, eyes, nose, throat and respiratory tract, just to name a few. The Herbal basis for all the Viavi products was Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), a natural medicinal herb. Today, a handful of original products exist and are widely used by our long established and loyal Viavi Family of customers.

    After WWII and the passing of it's founders, the Viavi Company passed through several hands and eventually to be purchased by William James, Sr., who had worked for the company as a saleman. Bill Sr. blended the remaining Viavi products with his own line of products as a part of JaCo Distributors, 



    Today, the Viavi Bitters and Cerate contain the extract Goldenseal (Hydrastis candadensis) and it's derivative Berberine. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), part of the National Institute of Health, is funding formal scientific research into the properties of the many traditional medicinal plant extracts, including Goldenseal.  In fact, Viavi's supplier and manufacturer of several of the Viavi products, Sleepy Hollow Farms of Georgia, is heavily involved with this ongoing research. 

    The Viavi Company continues to provide its products to a vast number of old and new consumers throughout the United States. Families who have used Viavi products for generations continue to write us relating the success and experiences they have had with Viavi and tell us their family history with Viavi as well.    

Our Products


Viavi Liquid Calcium

A Tri Cal Phosphate (contains all 3 calcium supplements-Phosphorus, Citrate, and Carbonate) that is good for the prevention of Osteoporosis. With a hint of  vanilla, it is easy to consume (no pills to swallow) and can be added to a beverage, cereal, or used in baking.



Viavi Royal Liquid Iron-B Complex & Viavi Bitters

Viavi Royal, another of the original Viavi products, is offered as an appetizing  and nutritional liquid tonic containing Iron, B-Complex vitamins, B-12 Lysine Mono (an amino acid) combined with the health benefits of Port Wine (red wine supplies restorative and all other antioxidants found in red wine).


 Bitters in an original Viavi product and was developed by Dr. Heartland Law (1894) as a bitter and stomachic. Viavi Bitters helps to increase the flow of gastric juices, aids in digestion, improves gastric function and increases appetite. It contains Goldenseal, and ancient herb that is well known for its medicinal uses and beneficial effects on the digestive tract. 



Viavi Cerate

Viavi Cerate is a specially prepared botanical emollient for use with massage and topical external applications. Viavi Cerate softens at body temperature and is a soothing lubricant in massage. Because it contains the natural medicinal herb Goldenseal (Hydrastis Canadensis) it is also used for minor burns, skin irritations, abrasions and superficial bruises. Viavi Cerate is one of the oldest Viavi family of products and since its development in 1894, Viavi Cerate has been a favorite for generations of our customers.



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